How to setup MS Outlook to use Richweb Mail Servers

How to setup MS Outlook to use Richweb Mail Servers The attached documents at the bottom of this overview provides the step by step process with screenshots for configuring MS Outlook 2003 or 2007 to connect to Richweb's SmarterMail system. The overview information below will allow you to get up and running in less than 5 minutes with any standard PC based or smart phone based email client or email applet. Incoming Email: POP3 or IMAP? You will use your email address as your account/login/user id, and your password as your password. SmarterMail supports POP3 or IMAP for receiving email. If you use IMAP (also called IMAP4 in some mail clients) you will be storing mail on the server. IMAP4 provides support for additional folders that can be created on the server to organize your mail. This means that typically to use IMAP4 you will require a larger quota (amount of mail storage space) from Richweb. Keep this in mind when deciding whether to use POP3 or IMAP. POP3 will sometimes work better with older devices like previous generation (2008 and before) smart phones for example. When configuring POP3 support the most important aspect to understand is that you must instruct your POP3 client (Outlook, Thunderbird, or your phone) to leave messages on the server (usually a checkbox in the setup screens) if you check email from multiple places. Otherwise you will find that the mail is downloaded and removed by whatever device you are using at the time. If your cell phone is set to download and delete your email this means your INBOX will be EMPTY when you login via webmail to check your email messages! Sending Email: SMTP Auth and SMTP Port Settings Sending mail can involve problems because many ISPs, hotels, WIFI networks and corporate network block outgoing SMTP on port 25. Richweb supports the alternate SMTP port 587 for message submission AND we support port 2525 as well, which should almost always be allowed outbound. Try 587 or 2525 first, and assume port 25 will be blocked, or captured and thus unavailable for your use. You will also always use SMTP authentication for sending email - check this box; your user name and password are of course your email address and your email password. Secure your email! Richweb is in the process of getting an SSL certificate in place for email communications. Use SSL to protect your email password. Otherwise you will find that your email login information will be stolen on WIFI connections. This can compromise your financial information and cause all sorts of problems, so try to enable SSLv3 or TLS (Transport Layer Security) for POP3,IMAP, and SMTP!
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