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The Richweb staff have been outstanding.  Coming from a hosted forum solution where we were one of their top 15 sites as far as traffic out of thousands of hosted forums, the support provided by Richweb during our initial launch and ever since has been outstanding.  Their responsiveness to any problems we encountered has been exceptional and I would recommend them to any other sports site looking for a hosting solution with outstanding development and support.

Richweb Sponsors WRYA for 2011-12 Season

Richweb has always been a active sponsor in local youth sports teams and this year is no different. WRYA is the first sports league to receive sponsorship from Richweb this season. Richweb is proud to team up with these local youth sporting groups and complexes to contribute to growing our Richmond area young people in technology, health and life. Now , let's play ball! site sings Richweb's praises!

We've spent countless hours working with our site developer, Brian Devendorf and Jon Larsen at Richweb (the people who host this website) to make sure our site stays fast and does not crash.  Our traffic has been ridiculous, yet we have experienced only temporary slow downs.  That is due to the two guys I've just mentioned working hard off to make TBK rock. Read More
— Marc Maggard, True Blue Kentucky

Richweb helps get back online

Richweb rescued us when our previous service provider failed at a critical time for our business. Jon Larsen suggested an innovative fix that prevented further downtime and he and his team went above and beyond what other companies have done for us in the past. We're happy to be a new customer of Richweb. Chris Metsala

Kyle Flavin Site Owner, Unofficial Home of Notre Dame

"Switching over to Richweb was the best decision I've ever made with this site ( You're on your game."
— Kyle Flavin

BamaNation Partners, LLC

"The folks at - and particularly Jon Larsen - have provided the best service I have received in 10 years of website ownership and development. Jon helped me move my large site from our old server host to one with other network sites (also managed by Richweb). He was available whenever I needed information or help and provided much needed assistance and technical support in the server transfer. I cannot imagine making the move without richweb there to support me and my site. In short, Richweb gives the best technical support I have ever experienced."
— Brett Young

Shipp and Wilson Landscaping

"From the very beginning of the process, the staff at Richweb proved to be very attentive to our taste and our needs. They were able to translate our thoughts into a very professional, dynamic, and cohesive website, which has generated many compliments!"
— Shipp and Wilson Landscaping

Stephen Fishel

"From a mess of words, thoughts, and expectations Richweb created a website that artfully integrated our ideas into a functional website that expressed exactly that which we wished to express. The process was effectively managed through excellent customer service and a timely launch. We at Valderas & Fishel, PC are pleased with our relationship with Richweb and are looking forward to the continuation of this relationship."
— Stephen P. Fishel Operations Valderas and Fishel

Jane Odberg

"The quality of service and project management that we receive from Richweb is superior. The team is easy to work with and responds to questions and concerns immediately. Our website is an attractive, user-friendly tool that stems from Richweb's expertise."
— Jane Odberg Brand Management/Public Relations Coordinator United Methodist Family Services

Mike Ingalls

"I've been very pleased with the programming and development projects we've assigned to Richweb. Our company has used them for several projects and their development team has always addressed our needs quickly and has stayed on target with their project estimates. Unlike other web development firms we've used in the past, Richweb's work is always top-notch will little or no surprises. I would recommend them to anyone needing web development and programming for their business."
— Michael Ingalls CTO, SportsWar

Karen Shipp

"Everybody loves it! We've actually gotten real jobs from it already! Great work!"
— Karen Shipp Kelly President and Design & Sales Manager Shipp & Wilson

James Eads

"Richweb has been an invaluable partner for BI Investments. With their programming and design expertise our extranet, InfoCENTER, has become the backbone of our corporate communications and streamlined several business processes. They take the time to understand our business, not just their own."
— James R. Eads Managing Director/Chief Operations Officer BI Investments Virginia Bankers Association

Phil Dyer

"We needed an application that would allow customers to access their data over the web. Richweb provided a solution that will allow us to reposition quickly as demands grow and change. When I was first given the project to build this application, there was no doubt from the beginning who we'd partner with. Richweb got it done fast, and they got it done right."
— Phil Dyer IT Administrator Miller Oil Company

Richweb helps out

Finally, after some "colorful" conversations with GoDaddy, we were able to backup our entire site and start the process of moving far far away. Our site was drawing more traffic and visitors than GoDaddy could handle and they simply cut off our site without warning or any kind of discussion! Luckily, we found a company called that helped us through the entire process, and used their expertise to move our site off of GoDaddy and on to their fast servers.  Without Richweb, we would be in a world of hurt even to this date and time!
— Jared Bonshire
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