Smartermail Sync

Complete Mobile Communication It’s easy to communicate using email and instant messaging from most smartphones and tablets, including Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows mobile devices. SmarterMail also supports synchronization of email and collaboration items via Exchange ActiveSync, SyncML, CalDAV and CardDAV giving users access to their calendars, contacts, tasks and notes on hundreds of compatible devices. Exchange ActiveSync for industry standard synchronization Syncing SmarterMail with most smartphones is quick, easy and automatic with Exchange ActiveSync. The Exchange ActiveSync add-on is the only synchronization method that uses direct push technology to ensure changes in email and collaboration items are automatically recorded in both SmarterMail and the mobile device in real time. Full mobile instant messaging SmarterMail’s instant messaging is fully compatible with a number of mobile instant messaging clients such as IM+ and IMO. That means users can stay connected to co-workers even while traveling, ensuring instant access to any important information that may have otherwise been missed. Compatible with iPhone, Android, Blackberry and more SmarterMail mail server provides out-of-the-box sync support for most mobile devices on the market, including BlackBerry, Google Android, iPad and iPhone, Motorola, Nokia, HP and Windows Phones. Built for quick and easy mobile navigation SmarterMail’s web-based interface was built for speed and mobility. Even the slowest tablets will notice how fast the browsing experience is, and the best part is that all of the enhancements are magnified for desktop users. Users deserve the full SmarterMail experience, regardless of whether they’re using a mouse or a tablet interface.