Security First

Most web development firms outsource the hosting for the sites that they develop. Richweb is NOT your typical web development firm. We have the in-house security, router, firewall, system administrator and DBA talent to host our clients' applications and servers. This means you do not have to worry about the performance of your Richweb developed site. We optimize it for the EXACT environment it will be hosted in and if your site has a problem, we FIX it rather than pointing fingers at the hosting company. Richweb buys premium data center space at multiple different carrier-grade data center facilities in Ashland, Virginia. Data is backed up nightly to an alternate Richmond area secure facility providing maximum redundancy and fail-over. Richweb manages its own routing, firewalling and security in-house so there is not the typical 24 to 48 hour change window many hosting companies must wait to get critical database, firewall, or server changes made. Contact Hosting today! 804.368.0421  or email: The bottom line: Richweb is able to provide unparalleled technical and customer support by eliminating third-party hosts. And if you need to host your own application, our team has the know-how to setup a secure hosting environment at your location. Using secure professionally maintained servers protected by network and host-based firewalls, Richweb has the capability to host: Virtual Servers Richweb offers its customers a way to host their web sites and applications in a safe, secure environment with a dedicated operating system and application set for each individual client.  A physical server is NOT required, which saves our customers more than 50% off a typical hosting package price. Richweb uses secure Virtual Servers to offer the same protection and isolation for a client application as a physical server would. With power and cooling major economic factors in todays datacenter markets, virtual servers are something many providers are starting to offer. Richweb has offered virtual servers since 2006, and in fact all of our internal operations are virtualized as of 2007.  Our virtual servers are reliable and fast and we can manage the patching and system configuration aspects so you don't have to worry about these headaches. Root access via ssh or via webmin control panel is available if you prefer to have full control of your vserver.