Richweb Bulk Email Sending Policy

Richweb's outbound mail server limits each outgoing message to a MAXIMUM of 25 recipients. The reason for this is that users that send bulk email via their personal email account will cause our mail server(s) and mail relay(s) to get blacklisted when recipients of the message click the "REPORT SPAM" button in their mail clients. Getting a server off a blacklist can be very time consuming so it is imperative to avoid being blacklisted in the first place, hence the restrictive policy. Many users will have a list of business contacts, or friends that they wish to email all in one messages, which is understandable. However, the outgoing Mail filter will not always be able to distinguish the intent behind a human-generated email. Is it an email to 30 college friends about an upcoming re-union, or an email to 100 emails gathered from a website or list of hopeful customers? When sending emails to groups of business contacts, especially ones that are not already customers you do recurring business with you must understand that as part of the US CAN-SPAM law that recipients must have an automated way of removing themselves from the list-send for future emails your email is non-compliant since it was not sent from a server that offers automatic removal.   There are 2 solutions to the bulk-email sending issue:   1. Use a bulk mailing service like Veritcal Response, or Constant Contact. The advantage of these tools are the reporting (did the user open the message) capabilities. Bulk mailing services are appropriate for one to many communications where one sender is sending the message to many recipients.   2. Use a mailing list service or List-serv for short. List-servs are ideal for groups that use email to communicate with each other (email-based discussion groups). Lists can be moderated (emails have to be approved before being sent) or un-moderated (anyone can send).